Slovenský kopov

The Slovenský kopov (translated into English as Slovakian Hound) is a medium-sized breed of hunting dog of the scenthound type. The breed originated in Slovakia, in Central Europe, and is bred for boar hunting. The name Black Forest Hound seems to have been created in North America for marketing purposes, since the breed has no connection with the Black Forest.

History and use

A well known type of hunting dog since antiquity, today's breed was first recognised in the 1870s. The breeds of Brandlbracke (Austrian Black and Tan Hound), Chart Polski, and Magyar Agar (Hungarian Greyhound) are believed to have been used in the breed's background. The etymology of the name seems to refer to the dog's colour. The breed club was established in Bratislava in 1988.

The Slovenský kopov was s developed and is used as a hunting dog, not a pet or showdog. It is bred for hunting large game, especially wild boar. Although extremely common in its area of origin, it is rarely seen in other countries. The Slovenský kopov is similar to other east European scenthounds in appearance and hunting style.

Additional Info

  • Color: Black and Tan
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