Europetnet is a group of national and local associations based across Europe who register owner information about pets that have been uniquely identified with a transponder. Our job is to reunite lost pets with their owners and our services are available from anywhere at any time.

Animal welfare is our fundamental value

Every year Europetnet helps to return thousands of lost animals to owners throughout Europe. People travel with pets, and pets walk across borders. To be able to establish which country a found pet comes from, the Europetnet ID search is a unique and powerful tool. It will search through our database of ID numbers and also through online connected members databases. 

If search fails, our team can be contacted to carry out in-depth research to assist in the tracking process. We want to ensure that we always get the best results for pets and their owners.

Become a member

If you have an organisation with a database of ID-chipped pets, you can become a member of Europetnet (EPN). Please read our Statutes and our Set of rules before applying as a member. If our conditions are compatible with your database and organisation, we will be happy to welcome you on the EPN member base.

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