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If you are a database manager you can register a membership at Europetnet (EPN). Check if your DB comply with our Statutes and our Set of rules below. Then This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will get back to you with how to proceed.

Mandatory member-obligations

Condition to become and to remain an EPN-member: 

A. To be an organisation that registers data about companion animals and owners 

B. To register at least 2’000 animals per year

C. To register all companion animals identified with ISO transponders  confroming to ISO 11784/11785 and in accordance with national rules  

D. To promote the use of only ISO transponders according to all relevant ISO standards including 11784/11785 and other relevant Registration Authority rules.

E. To send data at intervals not exceeding seven days complying with the technical specifications laid down in the appropriate EPN protocol

F. To provide 24h access for authorities (vets/dog wardens/police/implanters) for the purpose of retrieving data to reunite a lost pet with keeper

G. To refrain from any competitive activity regarding EPN

H. To be represented at the GA or to give a proxy to a member. Members not present or not represented without apologize have to pay a fine fixed by the Board 

I. To display on the DB website in a prominent location the approved EPN membership badge

J. To assure that the EPN ethos is promoted and applied on national level 

K. To transfer existing computerised data to another Europetnet member or a local or national governmental or government-approved Database, in cases where there is an intention to wind up the Database or cease to exist

L. To ensure that an English language version of the information part and the search part of the homepage of the member database is available.


Desirable standards for EPN members and associated database/organisations 

1. To assure that the EPN ethos is promoted and applied on national level 

2. To be able to track the details of the implanter or data certifier (either by unique code or name and contact details) when there is no conflict with a legal basis on a national level 

3. To be able to make traceability of transponders in the country 

4. To only accept transponders implanted by a veterinarian or by a trained implanter according to national regulation

5. To collaborate and exchange information with databanks of the country 

6. To use a system that has the capability to trace who has microchiped every single animal 

7. To make every effort to transfer computerized data to another Europetnet member in case of bankruptcy 

8. To assure that information part on the homepage of the member and associated database/organisation is available in English 20140325 BO 

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