Trigg Hound

The Trigg Hound (also known as the Trigg Foxhound or Hayden Trigg Hound) is a variety of the American Foxhound, developed in Kentucky by Colonel Haiden Trigg.


The Trigg Hound originated in Barren County, Kentucky, in the 1860s, when fox hunting enthusiast Colonel Haiden C. Trigg wanted to develop a faster hound than those available in his area. He used dogs from the Birdsong, Maupin, and Walker lines to develop his strain.According to W. L. Porter in an article in The Chase, local fox hunters who saw the dogs purchased from Birdsong found them unattractive, but their performance was surprisingly good. Porter stated that the dogs were "racy built, crop ears, rough coated, bushy tails and chop mouthed and looked unlike any fox hound any of us had ever seen". Eventually, Trigg's breeding program became successful on a local and national level. The variety has a long snout, hanging ears, and a short, smooth coat, and though it may come in any color, the Continental Kennel Club allows only tricolor and bicolor dogs.


The Trigg Hound is obedient but "tenacious", and is well-suited to hunting because of its sense of smell and endurance.

Additional Info

  • Weight: 15.9kg - 20.4kg
  • Height: 50.8cm - 55.9cm
  • Coat: Short, smooth
  • Color: Any
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