The Bambino is a breed of cat that was created as a cross between the Sphynx and the Munchkin breeds.


The first litter of Bambino kittens was registered in 2005. It was registered by TICA in 2005 as an experimental breed, Experimental Bambino, in 2006. "Bambino" means "baby" in Italian, as to the cats appearance of making it look like a kitten.

The Bambino has short legs it inherits from the Munchkin, and huge upright ears. It has the hairlessness of the Sphynx, with skin of white or pink. With no fur to absorb the cat's natural oils, the Bambino needs regular bathing with water and mild soap.

The Bambino has been bred for a number of extreme genetic characteristics that mean it is highly-dependent on human care and would not be able to fend for itself in the natural environment as other breeds do - its hairless skin means that the cat is vulnerable to cold, strong sunshine and skin injury, whilst its shortened legs and small size mean it is unable to hunt prey effectively, defend a territory against other cats, escape from confinement or defend itself from predation, so effective measures must be taken to ensure that the Bambino has a safe indoor environment with an owner that can manage the long-term maintenance and care of a highly-dependent animal.

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